Dog owners warned against taking pets outside after pet suffers heatstroke

Dog owners have been warned to take care of their pets after a puppy suffered a severe heatstroke as Britain bakes in a heatwave.

Shona McLaren took her American Bulldog Finlay out for a walk at a park in Glasgow – but the hot weather proved dangerous when he ended up with a heatstroke.

The one-year-old pup was running around the park when he became overheated in the sun, so owner Shona decided to take him home to cool down.

Upon arriving home, Shona noticed Finlay breathing heavily and he soon collapsed on the floor.

Shona took Finlay to Glasgow East PDSA Pet Hospital, where he was rushed to the emergency unit and treated for severe heatstroke.

The puppy’s body temperature rose to 42.2C.

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