General Information
Dog Name: Vizsla
Dog breed Group: Sporting dogs
Size Category: Medium dog breeds
Height: Ranges from one foot, nine inches to two feet (measured from the
Weight: Ranges from 45 to 55 pounds.
Lifespan: Ranges from 12 to 15 years.

Brief History
The Vizsla is a true all-rounder. This breed has existed since the 10th century,
but only rose in prominence in 19th century Hungary, when the industrial
revolution caused the average huntsman to become more frugal and reduce
the number of dogs they owned. There was a need for a single breed which
could seek out every type of prey, retrieve from land or water, and also serve
as a faithful companion. Only one breed could possibly fill this tall order: the
Vizsla. Nowadays the Vizsla is both an excellent hunting dog and a beloved
family pet.

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